September 19, 2010

Not your Grandma's BLT

I guess there's no way to photograph this sandwich without letting on that it's sloppy. Real sloppy, just like all the best foods in life.  And I promise you, one bite and you'll never return to the BLT as you have known it.  I present to you the BACO Sandwich, short for Bacon, Avocado, Tomato, all those lovely words with o's and a's.  There's another surprise in this baby that pulls it all together like love and marriage--cream cheese!  You probably won't believe me how over the top, toe-tingling, eyelid fluttering fantastic this is until you taste it for yourself.  With the first bite I proclaimed that it was the best thing I'd ever eaten.  Ever.  And that's a tall order, my friends. 

So it's real easy to put together, but here are some tips.  Definitely use a heavier bread (I use sprouted wheat because it makes a great toast and is easier to digest than regular bread).  Toast it well, but don't over toast.  Wonderbread does not bode well with this sammie. You need something strong enough to hold in all the fillings. Use thick slices of avocado, and make sure the avocado is ripe, but not so much that it's all mush. You still want to be able to bite into it.  On the other hand, if the avocado is too firm, you might as well not even make the BACO. 

By all means use whipped cream cheese.  It's just easier to spread, and don't skimp on it.  Use it on both slices of toast! I've tried this sammie with mayonnaise when I ran out of cream cheese, and mayo cannot even compete.  It has to be cream cheese. Last, your bacon.  I've found that the best bacon for this is neither too crispy or too flimsy, but done just right, but I'm sure it would be good anyway you cook it. 

That's it.  You just need your bacon, good toast, tomato, avocado, and cream cheese (on both sides of the bread). Pile 'em on, squish 'em together and take a shameless bite. The best thing you ever ate?  Pretty much guaranteed.

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